Fijian Made Products

Fijian Made Products

When you purchase a Fijian made product or service from local vendors, artisans and businesses, you are helping to create jobs and promote growth in Fiji. Your purchases ensure that the money spent in Fiji stays in Fiji and is reinvested into the local communities and contributes towards the economy at large.

The products reflect the diversity and are sustainable, eco-friendly and authentic. Each product comes with a story exclusive to the maker. Each purchase empowers local artists to create tangible items that bring harmony and prosperity.  

The products are made locally so you can have confidence in the quality and know that whatever you are buying hasn’t travelled around the world before reaching you. By buying Fijian made products, you are not only supporting local jobs and the Fijian economy but also getting the best products. 

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Fiji Made Products vision is to promote and showcase authentic handmade arts and crafts from Fiji. It is our purpose to bring the vast resources and beauty of the Fijian culture to our customers. Our products contribute to building and strengthening of sustainable eco-friendly craftsmanship of the indigenous artists.

We are confident that Fiji Made offer the best traditionally carved and handmade products designed at its finest. 

The benefits

The Fijian Made emblem makes the ‘Fijian connection’ instantly, clearly and with authority.

For exporters

Let one of our partners help you export your products, or simply access our network of retailers and distributors.

How much does it cost?

Fees go back into promoting the logo, nationwide and around the world. Calculate your fee here.

Compliance criteria

How can your product meet the required criteria to use a Fijian Made emblem.

Extend your reach

The Fijian Made emblem makes the ‘Fijian connection’ instantly, clearly and with authority.

Register your products

The certification process is quick and easy. Register now and get the Australian advantage.


The Fijian Made Campaign regularly undertakes research here and in export markets to understand consumer awareness of the Fijian Made, Fijian Grown emblem, demand for Fijian products and produce and consumer attitudes towards buying Fijian.

Case Studies

Insights into businesses using the Fijian Made Campaign emblem, across a variety of industries, both domestically and around the world; why they use it and how it has benefitted them.

School Kits

Are you teaching or learning about Fijian Made Campaign emblem? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Our resources include an animated e-book, animated activity sheets, interactive activity sheets and fact sheets.

The Fiji Trade Commission is a government funded organisation whose goal is to promote trade and investment in the Australian and New Zealand markets to create jobs and economic growth in Fiji.

Fijians produce a wide variety of exquisite handicrafts, such as carved masks, kava bowls, war clubs, woven baskets and tapa paintings (cloth made from the bark of the paper mulberry tree). Jack’s Handicrafts, with locations in all major towns and many resorts, is a good starting point 

and has a wide selection of well-priced, quality goods.

However, it’s far more fun to wander around the markets and try your hand at bargaining for that special ‘must-have’ piece. At the Nadi Handicraft Market, you will find farmers, fishermen, and craftsmen selling their wares to locals as well as travellers. In Suva, the Municipal Curio and Handicraft Centre, located downtown, is a wonderful place to shop for genuine artefacts at bargain prices and sit down with the Fijian artists for a chat.

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