Frequently Asked Questions


What delivery methods are available?

At this point, delivery is still in testing but rest assured it is coming - we want to make life for our merchants easy so you, the end customer, benefits.


What payment methods are accepted?

Makete allows our vendors to choose from a variety of payment methods such as M-PAiSA, credit/debit card, cash on delivery and direct bank transfer. It is up to the merchant to offer multiple payment methods - hooray for everyone!!

Is buying online safe?

Definitely. Makete only uses the safest, most secure payment gateway providers. In addition, Makete does not store your payment information so there is nothing for the bad guys to get their hands on!

Buyer / Customer

How do I place an order?

Super easy, find an item you want, click add to cart and then click checkout from your cart. See the quick video we made below for purchasing items and making booking purchases.

How do I cancel or change my order?

Not all vendors will allow you to cancel the order - we let them make that decision. If they do allow you to cancel, you can find that under your account dashboard by hovering over the little person icon, selecting Orders History and then select "Cancel" next to the order. If you have any issues, you can contact the merchant themselves or contact us at

Do I need an account to place an order?

Yes. We do this so that we can ensure our merchants get the correct information about the person(s) placing an order for their goods. We do not disclose this information outside of the platform and allow you to, at any point, request that all of your information is removed from the system

Seller / Merchant

How do fees work on Makete?

Makete works on a subscription based payment method. We at PACIFICCELL feel this is the most fair and profitable method for our subscribers as it provides an inexpensive and predictable spend per month no matter how much you sell. We provide plans that satisfy all types of business, whether a home starter or large enterprise – we cater for you all.

What do I need to create a shop?

We try to make it easy on you by asking the least amount of information in order to get started – the rest you can complete over time. Basically, you will want to have; Store Name, Email Address, Mobile & Store Logo and Banner Images. Let us know, we can help you through it.

How do I get paid?

We can pay you in multiple ways. We do ask for your bank details which is one method for you to receive rapid payment. Another popular way to get paid is via M-PAiSA – we have that ability.

Do I need a credit or debit card to create a shop?

No, We offer 14 day free trial’s on all of our paid monthly packages so you can see first hand how it works to increase your sales revenue - hooray!!

What can I sell on Makete?

Makete by PACIFICCELL is open to our sellers posting products of all types and categories – so no real limitations. That said, we do have a quick review process when our sellers post a new product to ensure it is appropriate – remember this is a site for all ages and backgrounds and we intend to keep it clean.

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