Do you own a Business?

Do you own a Business?

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) make a vital contribution to economic growth and development. They represent a seedbed of entrepreneurial skills and innovation, contribute to job creation, and are considered the backbone of the global economy.

MSMEs employ a small number of workers. These are generally privately owned and operated by sole proprietors, corporations or partners. The definition of MSMEs vary by industry and country.

In general, MSMEs do not dominate their respective industry. Such enterprises help diversify, sustain and grow their respective industries as many women and minorities make significant contributions to the small-business world. 

Not all small businesses are alike. Each business has it’s own way of contributing to creating employment and the vibrancy of the Fijian economy.

MSMEs exist in almost every industry. MSME sectors have a lot of potential for growth especially through extensive marketing. Large enterprises have enough resources at their command to hire manpower to take care of marketing of their products and services however MSMEs do not have these resources at their command and need support for providing these inputs in the area of marketing.

Many of these businesses exist largely to support a family and are not principally focused on expansion. In Fiji, some MSMEs have begun to generate money from activities that were never considered to become an income generating activity. 

Performance of MSMEs is influenced by many factors and one of them is its ability to respond to competition by way of adopting appropriate strategies to combat the threats.

MAKETE provides state of the art digital e-commerce platform to CONNECT (communities, buyers & sellers), LEARN (business training) and EARN (selling products and services).

MAKETE is an easy to use, secure platform to sell and promote goods and services made in Fiji.

When running your own business, it is important to surround yourself with like-minded people that know and understand how to operate a business and nobody else understands the kinds of issues that you face as an entrepreneur, like other entrepreneurs on MAKETE’s platform especially during this COVID-19 period.

If you have a MSME or would like to start a business, you may like to join MAKETE!

  1. You get your own Online Store
  2. Our inhouse team comprising of our Corporate Counsel provides support to budding entrepreneurs that are wanting to start their own business, learn about branding, trademarks, and marketing 
  3. You will get to meet and network with other like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs and connect with them
  4. It is a safe space to exchange and talk about issues, hardships and strategies with other business owners and entrepreneurs 
  5. Attend various workshops and trainings 
  6. Secure Payments using M-PAISA, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, and more
  7. 24/ 7 chat feature is provided
  8. Quick and secure order options are available, and much more

Contact us on [email protected] to find out more on how to get your online store on MAKETE TODAY!

Common problems can bring together a common understanding towards finding proper holistic solutions. 

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