Why sell on Makete?

Makete is Fiji’s first and only true, private sector multi-vendor platform built from the ground up for the people of Fiji and the South Pacific. Our sole intent is to provide an inexpensive avenue for the community to sell goods and services. Makete increases the revenue and visibility of our sellers while making it easy for buyers to purchase and communicate with the sellers for consistent, quality goods and services.

Inexpensive Storefront

We strive to make selling affordable
by charging a very low monthly fee
and NO per transaction charge.

What You Charge Is What You Get!
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Feature Rich

Makete is constantly working to
enhance our Seller's and Buyer's
experience and provide the best!

Let us know how we are doing.
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Support 24/7

All vendor packages access forum support.
Paid packages receive email and/or phone support - depending on package.

We are always here to support YOU!
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Sign Up To Sell

    • Follow the Instructions
    • Log in using the instructions emailed to you
  • Makete is also here to help you create your store and post products if you require

Start Selling

  • Promote your business to your family, friends and on social media
    • Link your storefront to social media profiles to increase visibility
    • Let us help you promote your storefront - ASK HOW?
  • Makete is also here to help you create your store and post products if you require

Get payments and grow your business

  • Choose how you get paid by Makete for products you have sold:
    • M-PAiSA
    • Debit/Credit card
    • Direct Bank Transfer
    • Other Methods Coming Soon
  • Always on access to your very own vendor portal showing you how much you have sold, earned, inventory, pending orders, and much more... 

Affordable, Transparent and Secure

Packages to fit any size business with predictable monthly costs under a set and forget subscription.  No funny business charging a percentage fee from your sales – we believe that what you charge is what you get!

Transaction Fee
Your Payout

Here's what you get for your fee:

  • Forum-based, email and phone support*
  • Packages ranging from 5 to unlimited number of products
  • No per-transaction fees – OUR GUARANTEE
We provide our sellers with the ability to process payments using M-PAiSA, VISA, Mastercard, Cash on Delivery or Bank Transfer.
Makete strives to provide the best experience and the most convenient offerings to our sellers and buyers.
Makete will see new payment methods come in the future providing even more variety and convenience.
* Phone support available to select subscription packages only

Here are some common questions about selling on Makete

How do fees work on Makete?

Makete works on a subscription-based payment method. We at Makete feel this is the most fair and profitable method for our subscribers as it provides an inexpensive and predictable spend per month no matter how much you sell.

Provide plans that satisfy all types of business, whether a home starter or large enterprise – we cater for you all.

Check Out Our Subscription Packages

What do I need to do to create a shop?

We try to make it easy on you by asking the least amount of information in order to get started – the rest you can complete over time.  Basically, you will want to have;

  • Store name
  • Email Address & Mobile
  • Store Logo and Banner Images

Alternatively – Email Us for Help to Set You Up

How do I get paid?

We can pay you in multiple ways.  We do ask for your bank details which is one method for you to receive rapid payment.  Another popular way to get paid is via M-PAiSA – we have that ability.

Do I need a credit or debit card to create a shop?

No, We offer 14 day free trial’s on all of our paid monthly packages so you can see first hand how it works to increase your sales revenue – hooray!!

What can I sell on Makete?

Makete by PacificCell Pte Ltd is open to our sellers posting products of all types and categories – so no real limitations.  That said, we do have a quick review process when our sellers post a new product to ensure it is appropriate – remember this is a site for all ages and backgrounds and we intend to keep it clean.

Still have more questions? Feel free to contact us.

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