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Makete became a vision in 2018 formed by 4 individuals from various backgrounds all living in Fiji.  The idea, connect farmers with retail and hospitality sectors to further the revenue growth for local farmers and stem the tide of costly produce imports.  Upon research and development of phase 1 of Makete, it quickly became apparent that all sectors could benefit from an e-commerce platform but with it, education was required thus, “makete.shop” was born. Since then, we have worked diligently to provide vendors and the public with the best platform to showcase and purchase goods and services – this being Makete.


Global Online Shoppers

4.8T USD

Global e-Sales by 2021


Always Accessible Storefront


Profit Increase from an e-Store

Discover Makete’s Journey

August 2018
An idea is born - connect farmers to hotels
October 2018
Groundwork is laid for development of the education and e-commerce platform Makete.
December 2018
Development begins on the makete.shop website and the mobile e-commerce application
February 2019
makete.shop education, knowledgebase and forum group website is launched with interest from both public and private sector
April 2019
Makete's mobile application is in beta trials and begins to gain interest across multiple sectors
August 2019
Makete's mobile application (version 1) is launched and features on the breakfast show and the newspaper
April 2020
After much success but a desire to provide more, Makete is born and development begins
August 2020
Makete version 2 is launched; providing a much more feature rich and intuitive e-commerce platform to the community

Meet Our Leaders

Janice Nand


John Magnifico

Consultant - Marketing and Sales

Patrick Lawson

Consultant - Agriculture

Geoff Watkins

Consultant - Sales and Technology

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